Kat Carrera Headshot
Occupation: Executive Director of Digital Marketing
Years Active: 1999-Present
Likes: Spreadsheets, Zombie Movies, Sushi, and Slinkys (not necessarily in this order)

Kat Carrera (she/her)

Kat Carrera is a pioneer in the digital marketing landscape, with a career that launched during the dot-com boom in Silicon Valley. Working with key players in the early digital era such as Yahoo!, Altavista, and Overture, she mastered early search technologies and online advertising, setting the stage for a successful career in e-commerce and digital marketing. With several decades in the field, Kat has consistently adapted to the ever-changing digital environment, leading dynamic, high-performing teams to innovate and excel in digital strategies across diverse sectors, including hospitality, gaming, restaurant, and travel.

Personal Mission Statement: Committed to leveraging my expertise in digital marketing to contribute to a better world, I strive to be part of initiatives that bring joy and positive experiences to people's lives. As a leader, I aim to maintain a balanced life and use my enduring passion and enthusiasm for emerging media to make meaningful, positive impact in every project I undertake.


Executive Director of Digital Marketing, SAHARA Las Vegas (7/2018 – Present): Elevated from Director to Executive Director, I led the transformation of SAHARA's digital landscape, boosting direct e-commerce bookings through innovative online strategies, content development, and a robust social media presence. My initiatives, deeply integrated with the overall marketing strategy, significantly lifted the hotel and casino's online visibility and profitability.

Director of Marketing, PR, & E-Commerce, Sundance Helicopters (11/2016 – 1/2019): At the helm of marketing, I crafted and executed comprehensive brand and PR strategies that markedly enhanced brand recognition and sales. My focus on digital and social media marketing deeply influenced our market positioning and customer engagement, driving noteworthy growth in our B2C, B2B, and B2B2C channels.

Director of Online Media & Marketing, Tropicana Las Vegas, A DoubleTree by Hilton (5/2010-9/2016): Starting as E-commerce Manager before being promoted, I led the overhaul of Tropicana's digital marketing efforts. My leadership not only increased web traffic and social media engagement but also significantly boosted online revenue, establishing a solid digital presence that aligned with the brand's prestige.

Skills and Achievements

With over two decades of dedication to the art and science of digital marketing, I have become synonymous with success in the digital realm. A fervent advocate for the power of data and analytics, my strategies have consistently delivered substantial ROI, crafted memorable brands, and forged strong connections with audiences. My journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and a deep understanding of the digital landscape.

Industry Talks

2018 Digital Travel Connect - Speaker and Moderator: "Moving From An Omni-Channel World To Channel-Less World"

2016 Hilton Social Media Summit - Case Study Speaker: "Collaboration and Engagement Panel"

2014 Hilton Social Media Summit - Case Study Speaker: "Creating Video Engagement"

2014 Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association, NRG Hospitality Boot Camp - Speaker: "Social Media Etiquette"

2011 Latino Hotel Association Conference - Panelist: "The Social Status of Your Hotel - Does It Keep You Up At Night?"

Early Life and Education

My foundation in legal management from Ateneo de Manila University not only honed my analytical skills but also sparked my interest in the dynamic intersection of technology, storytelling, and consumer behavior. This background has been instrumental in navigating the complex digital marketing landscape.


Professional references and detailed project portfolios are available upon request, illustrating a track record of successful digital marketing campaigns and innovative strategies.